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In this health newsletter we focus on carnitine

As the name already implies, carnitine is most abundant in red meat. While vital for health, it is not an essential amino acid, since it can be produced from the essential amino acids lysine or methionine with help of vitamin C.
Unfortunately, a lot of vegetarian protein sources are low in lysine, except for soy. When we get older, production of carnitine also diminishes, which means carnitine supplementation is doubly useful for aging vegetarians.
Carnitine is essential for transporting fats to mitochondria, the powerhouses of every cell in the body where energy is produced from glucose or fatty acids.
This is of extreme importance for every single cell in our body, most importantly for the heart, brain, muscles and organ tissues.

The 7 supplements listed below are all of the carnitine supplements sold by Pasio Ingredients, each with a slightly different use.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is often called the 'brain' carnitine, because it is more successful than any other form of carnitine in crossing the blood-brain barrier to the brain, where it is a vital ingredient for brain and neural nutrition.
Acetyl-L-carnitine arginate is the same but has an arginine salt added, which influences blood pressure regulation and may improve the neurological benefits of acetyl-carnitine. It is especially useful for blood pressure support.


L-carnitine is the generic form of carnitine, the one that is referred to when we speak about carnitine and most research is done with.
This is the form mostly used for optimizing fat loss and/or muscle retention in a diet.
Pasio offers it in 3 different forms: as value-size capsules, as a liquid and as an addition to delicious diet shake.

GPLC or glycine proprionyl carnitine is nicknames the 'muscle' carnitine, since works best inside muscles, including the heart muscle. It is helpful in reducing lactic acid buildup during endurance exercise.
GPLC is especially useful for sports and cardiovascular support, but can even be used for building stronger bones.

When you can't decide which one to get, there's always CarnitAll which can be seen as a sampler with all different carnitines present.